What our users are saying (Testimonials)

Listed Below are some comments from our users:

1. "i love this service."
2. "I've been having fun sending letters to people this way. Thought you might enjoy it too."
3. "This is a very good service for businesses and home users."
4. "I think this is a fantastic idea."
5. "This service is so wonderful. My elderly parents are enjoying getting a letter in the mail from me."
6. "Coolest thing.... you can send real mail to people in the USA."
7. "This is a really cool idea! Not everyone has email, but you can still write to them electronically."
8. "Love the ease of your service."
9. "I think that the idea of using a new medium to transmit information through an old medium is a really cool idea!"
10. "This website is soooo awesome! Good bye post office! =)"
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