How to create an Online Web Campaign

It's easy to create an Online Web Campaign. Follow steps 1 - 7 below:

Sign In and Click on the Campaigns Folder.
Set Campaign Type to Web Advertisement.
Enter Url Link.
[ This is the url link (website) the user will be taken to when they click on your Ad. ]
Enter Ad Text.
[ This is the Ad that users of will see. ]

Your Web Ad will appear on File Repository Pages

Special Commands - How to Advertise on the SMS Page

Enter [image:my_sms_ad.jpg] on [page:sms.jsp] in the Ad Text if you want to display an Image Ad on the SMS Page where users send SMS's.

Note Please make sure you upload a JPEG image named my_sms_ad.jpg
(200px X 200px) in your Images Folder.

Price Sms Page Ads are $1.00 (USD) per 500 Impressions and $0.18 cents per click.
Select Country
[ This is the country where the user is located. ]
Add Credit to your Campaign. If you do not have credit, you will need to Click on the Credit Folder and add credit through PayPal.
Click on Create Campaign.

That's it, your Online Campaign will now be running.
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