Digital Mailboxes

A Digital Mailbox lets you access your mail (real letters) online. Instead of receiving letters in your postal mailbox, you'll receive it on

How it works
Once you have registered for a Digital Mailbox, your account will be assigned a Digital Mailbox Key e.g. JOSA-1SAMPLLOSCA301-US-377187

This Key can be used by Businesses to send you letters online.

Benefits of receiving letters online
Aside from the environmental benefits, we pay you $0.04c (USD) each time a business sends you a letter online. Once your credit reaches $50.00 (USD) you can withdraw the money to your PayPal Account.

For Businesses - How to use a Digital Mailbox Key
With a simple HTTP POST Request you can send letters to your customers online.
1. Sign up and create an account.
2. Click on the Account Folder to obtain your user_id, email and key.
3. Integrate with your application. - See sample Application
If the recipient has a Mobile Phone Number listed, a SMS is sent to them letting them know they have an online letter.
Price: $0.12c (USD) each time you store an online letter.
$0.16c (USD) if the recipient has a Mobile Phone Number listed.
HTTP POST Request Information
Type: POST
Post Variables
user_id = Your User Id.
email = Your Email.
key = Your API Key.
function = "store_letter"
digital_mailbox_key = Digital Mailbox Key of recipient.
base64Data = The PDF Letter to be stored. (Base64 Format)
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